Free Integrity T-shirt

Nov 11 3:54 pm -click all three videos to get the form

Free thit! t-shirt

Sep 21 2:33 pm

Register and enter invite code: 1c49kA and you’ll get the form for the shirt. You’re supposed to be beta testing their new site, but it doesn’t say what it is.

Free Obsessive Engineers BYOD shirt

Sep 21 9:46 am

Free Patients Like Me T-Shirt

Aug 31 10:05 am -if you share enough information to get 3 stars you can get a free t-shirt.

Free K-PAX Energy t-shirt for submitting video

Aug 27 12:55 pm
– The video testimonial should answer the question: “Why is K-PAX Energy such a great product? Videos submitted need to be a minimum of 15 seconds and not longer than 60 seconds. Cell phone videos are acceptable.

Free Children’s clothing item at Thred Up

Aug 19 8:29 pm

Link -click begin and sign up to get a $10 credit.  You can use this for shipping, which is $6.95 so items under $4 are free. Use coupon code: AUGUST20 to take 20% off as well. Feel free to refer each other in the comments, so if you’re signing up try to use another users link to register.

Free Save The Manuals wristband

Jul 20 7:15 am

Free Mesothelioma Awareness Wristband

Jul 18 1:30 pm

Free Love Versus Cancer Wristband

Jul 18 11:39 am Write to us at to request a free Love Versus Cancer wristband

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