Free Lysol Healthy Habits activity booklet for kids

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Apr 7 9:50 am


Free Book every month -for child until they are 5

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Apr 4 9:57 pm -Enroll your child in the Imagination Library and they’ll receive a free book every month until their fifth birthday. -It’s only available in certain areas, it will tell you when you register if you can get it or not

Free florida seafood coloring/activity books and brochures-FL only

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Mar 25 11:23 am -to order the ones you want check the check box under where it says English-by mail -update-they’re apparently out of the coloring books, but havent updated the site yet

Free Gooseberry Patch Raisins & Dried Fruit cookbook

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Mar 24 9:39 pm -this is an old one that hasnt been posted in over a year, it does come though. I believe they like to send quite a few emails, so you might want to use your extra address

Free Michigan Map and Travel Guide

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Mar 20 4:23 pm

Free Horton hears a Who Energy Star activity Book and Tip Sheet

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Mar 13 12:04 pm

Free Copy of The Allergy Sufferer’s Survival Guide

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Mar 7 2:29 pm -I’m almost positive that this is just a catalog, but it’s slow today so I figured I would post it.

Free One Lady at a Time book

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Mar 5 1:16 am

Link -“This book is about . . . winning and losing . . . life and death . . . joy and sorrow — what all of us face in real life.”

Free King James Bible

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Mar 4 11:18 pm
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