-connect your United MileagePlus account with Foursquare on your mobile device. Each day check in on Foursquare to your local airport’s United counter/terminal to get 50 free miles per day. You can manually check in, so you don’t have to actually be at the counter to get it.

  • Mike

    This is pretty cool.

  • Jackie

    How do you check in manually?

  • Katie

    Do you just check in at the airport or is there a specific place like “United check-in counter at the _____ Airport” ??

  • Buzzkiller

    If you do this everyday, especially from the same airport, don’t expect your account to be open for long. :eek3:

  • Chris

    just search for united airlines, or united counter or something. You should see it as long as you’re within 30 miles of an airport or so