Text your Subway Card Number to 35562 on your cell phone. 50 points should be good enough for a 6″ sub

  • krissyg89

    How do I get a card number?

  • Tymes

    Gracias Chris …..

  • Marianne

    the number is on your subwaycard,if you have one.

  • capecod

    i got an email

    We apologize that your entry was not within the first 100 respondents, and we appreciate your interest in Zuzatz Sandals 😥

  • Misty

    I wanna know too.. probably have to buy a gift card in the store?

  • :run: WHEW! I had the time of my life trying to find my old subway gift card.. but I did…

    The reply I got back was “You’ll earn 50 pts on your next visit!”

    How do these points work? I’ve never used points @ Subway… :dunno:

  • annie


    Everytime you go, you give them the card and they swipe it (like any rewards card) And here’s the points system:

    Points can be redeemed for the following menu items:

    * 10 Points = 1 Cookie
    * 15 Points = 1 Bag of Chips
    * 20 Points = 21 oz. Drink
    * 35 Points = Mini Sub
    * 50 Points = Regular 6” Sub or Wrap
    * 65 Points = Premium or Double Stacked 6” Sub or Flatbread
    * 75 Points = Regular Foot-Long Sub or Salad
    * 100 Points = Premium or Double Stacked Footlong Sub

  • Yeah I also say that it’s at “participating restaurants” .. I’ve never heard of this points program before so I think the subway near me doesn’t do this .. hmmm will have to ask…

  • :mail:

  • designdiva0

    It says this rewards program is only in some states. Not in my state 🙁

  • frestu

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Yeah I saw that after I did the texting for the points. If I can’t use it , maybe someone else can.. lol blehhh

  • Vicky M

    i got the same e-mail 😥

  • maya

    I too got the same email.

    We would like to thank you for participating in our recent Zuzatz Sandals offer.

    As you will recall, the offer was for the first 100 respondents. Zuzatz has given away more than $5,000 of shoes and the response was quite large. We apologize that your entry was not within the first 100 respondents, and we appreciate your interest in Zuzatz Sandals. We invite you to redeem COUPON CODE e0410 for free shipping on your next order. 🙁

  • angelwaters101


    this is the number on my card but I lost my cell 😥 🙁

  • teresa

    I got an email from them saying I won the sandels.

  • debi

    I would just like to say that thumbwars.org sucks. They should of said you had to be under 25 to sign up. Then it tells you to send ppl u know there that r under 25, then they get letters saying they ran out. Terrible! and then theres Zuzatz. I will just leave it at that. 🙁

  • Nathan

    This is the kinda stuff that I come here for! I had a subway gift card in my wallet that had $5 on it already anyway. Score. :v:

  • alicia

    ty chris for all the free stuff I have got and other people have.. So what if we don’t get them all… OH WELL right we didn’t waste money on them and once again thank you :h5:

  • Glenn

    Good Morning Chris/ Everyone :wavey:
    12 swagbucks for Diana Ross

    Thank you also Chris for everything you do, i only work part time for pathmark and they want to cut our hours even more than what they have….. it’s hard at times and you make it possible to get so much free stuff.
    Words cant express how i really feel :bowdown: have a wonderful day :bowdown:


    Thanks Glenn..I got 7 :wavey:

    I wanna thank Chris too..my mom has been out of work for 6 months now,and she lives by herself..I send the stuff to her.

  • leigh

    8 swagbucks for Morning Swagbuck Please. :rofl:

  • linda

    Morning :wavey:
    Does anyone know if this is still working?
    I never received a text back :dunno:

  • Nora

    I just did it and I received a text back, so it’s still working.

  • skysfairy

    Dear rebecca,

    Congratulations! Because your registration in our recent survey was among the first 100 responses, we will soon be shipping to you a FREE pair of Zuzatz sandals.

  • kimerin

    guess I am going to subway for lunch it states that I earn the points on my next visit! woo hoo that will put me at 170 :yum:

  • Clo

    It’s their gift card # that you send. If you go there often enough, it’s worth buying $5 gift card, using the GC to pay for your meal, and then having it to sign up with. 🙂

  • Clo

    Thanks, Chris! :v:

  • nuyorkborn

    I haven’t received a text back yet either.

  • NCS

    I want to do this, but ughhhh my cell doesn’t do the short codes, just 10 digit numbers. Grrrrr!

  • Lindsey

    why is zuzatz bad? It was the first 100-it was gonna go fast

  • linda

    I still haven’t received any points..and tried it on another card too 😮 Wish we could do it online 🙁

  • michele

    i live in ohio and when i did it, i got the text back saying i would get the points on my next visit. i went the next day and didn’t get the points, so i called customer support and they told me that it is only in certain areas. she didn’t say what areas though.

  • Sincerely FAKE!!

    This is all bullshit and FAKE!!!!!!!👆👆👆

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