-thanks billie -update-they now added a $1.99 processing fee

  • Linda

    Thank You For the Order!
    An order confirmation has been sent to the email address you provided.

    Thanks Chris! 🙂

  • Ginger

    5 pens that clearly say “Ginger’s Pen’ on them. Let’s see my husband snag my pens, now!

  • angelwaters101

    lol I just think that is so funny :kekeke: :kekeke:

  • MaehENang

    :dunno: it keeps saying my cart is empty!

  • CameronSS

    I got some with the company name I made up to put on all the offers that ask for one, this should make me legit.

    I wasn’t able to upload an image, anyone else have that problem? And make sure cookies are enabled.

  • Suellen

    :kekeke: Mine say Mom’s pen, Not Yours!

  • Ginger

    I see the humor in it, lol.

  • me

    thanks !!!!! :h5:

  • Debi

    39 pts for pink corkscrew mine say Momduxx 🙂

  • Alexis

    i put my nick name on them..sexii lexii 😉

  • mojo

    same here

  • Ariella

    You can never have too many pens! Put my name on them – now nobody can steal them!!

  • Neppy

    Thanks, Chris! Got mine with my pen name on them. Hehe…get it. Cause I’m that clever. CameronSS, I think they charge to add an image. And Ariella’s right, one can never have too many pens. Or pencils for that matter. I managed to get about 50 of the Bic Velocity giveaway pens.

  • Jessica

    Very glad for the Free Shipping code that popped up when I went to check out, went to the shipping options, and the next available was $13. For 5 pens!? Oh, well, glad to get these free, wrote “This pen was stolen from: Jessica” Haha!

  • frestu

    thanks debi
    got 9sb

  • Anna

    I got the “nothing in your shopping cart” message when I used the same address for some businesses. They are two businesses on the same street with different suites, so I just added the Ste # onto the address instead of putting it in the second address box and it worked this time.

  • angelwaters101

    :kekeke: :kekeke: :kekeke: OMG That’s genius! You know how many pens have been stolen from me? :rofl:

  • KathyinFla

    :bigthumb: Thanks, Billie & Chris!

  • tracee2

    Mine keeps saying 99 cent processing there a code or something for this?? :bowdown:

  • Kim

    WOW! Good for you! :h5: I couldn’t even manage to get 1. :dunno:

  • John Holmes

    I read it as Go Pornos. Ha, Ha.

  • Anna

    Do you think we will still get it if we did it before the processing fee?

  • bree

    i hope “bree’s pleasure emporium” pens come!

  • Ariella

    They said they’ll add tax and a processing fee – I was one of the first ones to do it. Do you think they’ll bill me? I didn’t put any information other than my address.

  • Anna

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

  • Anna

    They just sent me an order confirmation again and I was expecting to see them add a processing fee, but the order total was still zero, so no processing fee for me!

  • MaehENan

    hey did you get the ‘ship confirmation #’ also? because on my own email i got the order confirmation twice pnly but on a friends, she got the ship confirmation # email only… hope i get mine!! :fingersx:

  • brandi

    Hey today is 10/27/10. I got all five of my PENS free today via mail. Theyare very nice and heavy duty. I am a RN at a hospital and people are always stealing pens, now if they do I can clearly say “THAT IS MY PEN”!!!!!! :mail: 😉 :wiggle:

  • 😎 got these today ! cute pens